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Travel Information



you will be flying into Edmonton international airport the day before your hunt. you will stay at a hotel that night, be picked up the following day and transported to m.o. lodge. upon completion of your hunt you will be returned to your hotel and fly out the next day. unless other arrangements have been made.


Coast Nisku Inn & Conference Centre

1101 4 Street,

Nisku, AB T9E 7N1

Phone: 780 955-7744


Wingate by Wyndham Edmonton Airport

Address: 7120 Sparrow Dr, Leduc, AB T9E 8A5

Phone: (780) 769-0079

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Edmonton Airport Conference Centre

1100 4th Street, Nisku, AB, T9E8E2, Canada


Fairfield by Marriott Edmonton International Airport

4545 Airport Perimeter Rd Edmonton International Airport,

T9E 0V6 Edmonton, Canada

(780) 739-2200

There are lots of other hotels in the area, if you wish to search yourself as well.

Travel documents

You will need a passport to enter Canada.

For more border crossing details visit

It is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into Canada.

Firearms Declaration Form

You will need a firearms declaration form to clear your rifle through customs.

You can complete the online form or download it here:

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration.

Please fill out form but do not sign

until you are with a Canadian customs agent.

WIN (Wildlife Identification Number)

A WIN number is required to purchase hunting licenses in Alberta.

Click here to complete the online application.

it can take approx. four to six weeks to receive your win card

Be sure you give yourself enough time to receive your card before you arrive for your hunt.

Alberta Export Permit

All big game (including bison hunted under a Bison Special License), game birds, and furbearing animals require a provincial export permit ($20.00 plus GST) when they are to be conveyed beyond the borders of Alberta, except under the following conditions:

1. Hunters who lawfully harvest game birds, coyotes, white-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, elk, pronghorn antelope or black bear* under the authority of a hunting license or a right that is protected under Canadian Constitution, may export those species without an Alberta export permit if

in the case of upland game birds, the bird has been processed as a mounted specimen, or

  the shipment is accompanied by the hunter who killed the animal, and


the appropriate license is carried by the hunter who killed the animal being exported.

* Alberta prohibits the export of gall bladder and paws of black bear. You may export red meat, hide with claws attached, head or skull with teeth attached, but no other parts. See CITES Export Permit below.

2. Coyote that have been lawfully hunted by residents do not require a provincial export permit.

Bear hunts


U.S. hunters who are returning to the U.S. with their harvested black bears can do so without a provincial export permit or a federal CITES (Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species) permit provided they meet the following criteria:

The hunter is returning to the U.S. with the bear within 30 days of the bear being killed or within five days of the close of the hunting season, whichever is soonest, AND


The hunter accompanies the shipment and carries the license under which the bear was harvested, AND


The hunter is shipping the bear in a fresh, frozen or salted condition. If the hunter wishes to ship the bear home in a taxidermized state at a later date, then a provincial export permit must be acquired

A provincial export permit and a federal CITES export permit are necessary for U.S. hunters who want to export a partial skin that has been tanned or preserved, a skull with the teeth attached (when not being shipped with a hunter returning home) or a taxidermized black bear.


A black bear skin that is not being included as part of a returning hunters baggage can be exported but requires a provincial export permit and a CITES export permit.

Wolf/coyote hunts

CITES Export Permit - for more information (1-800-668-6767)
Persons exporting wolves to points outside Canada must obtain a federal export permit issued in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). In addition, provincial export permits must be obtained for exporting these species, except for tanned wolf skin.

Tanning/taxidermy options can be provided.

Other Recommendations

let us know of any allergies or other diet restrictions well before your hunt so the necessary arrangements can be made.

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