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Booking 2023 Hunts

Join us for one of the most sought after big game animals in North American. Wolves are an elusive and very intelligent species. hunting wolves is not only challenging, but requires patience like no other hunt. these hunts are baited hunts and require you to

sit for long periods of time (morning 'til dusk). you will be set up over an active bait

site in a heated, comfortable blind for 8-9 hours per day. Dressing warm is a must as

temperatures can be cold as -30C (-22F). bringing a rifle you are comfortable and

consistent with is key (minimum .243). shots should be expected to be around the

200-300 yard mark. wolf hunts are held from January to March; 

please call or email, if you have any questions.

contact us today and book your hunt!

Black Phase Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) Stan

Hunt Includes

Hunts are $4000 USD + 5% Gst

Wolf license

Transportation to and from Edmonton International Airport

Meals and accommodations during the hunt

One on one guiding

Contact for two on one  guiding options

Six full days of wolf hunting

Option for extended hunts available

Fly in day before hunt - Picked up next day

dropped off at hotel following last day of hunt

fly out next day

Preparation of your wolf (trophy care)

Coyote license

Hunt does not Include

Flights to and from Edmonton International airport

any costs related to entering or exiting the country

Hotels day before and day after hunt in Edmonton

rental car (if desired) to drive to and from M.O. Lodge.

taxidermy or costs

required to get your wolf home

Tips for guides and  cook (usually 10% of hunt cost)

alcohol if desired

5% GST on hunt cost

Rental rifles are available

for $250 usd for the hunt duration.

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See Info Page for more on wolf hunts, gear lists and payment information

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